Toji Sake was developed to educate American sake drinkers about the craft and tradition of sake brewing. The product is unique because it provides three levels of quality in an individual tasting set. The quality comes from “polishing” the rice. Traditionally, brewers in
Japan hang balls of green cedar leaves outside so the community knows when the last batch was made. Americans who occasionally drink sake with Japanese food can learn more by trying the sake set, developing an appreciation for the art and culture of the brewing process.

Ceramic sake containers are inserted in wooden masa bowls, originally used to measure rice in Japan and now used to serve sake. Materials for the container offset the clean, white aesthetic of Japanese minimalism. The illustrations show sake barrels, brewers making sake and the front of a traditional brewery. This gives the consumer a peek into the culture. The tall, thin logo wordmark mimics the tall container, and the labels are reminiscent of a traditional rice package label. Educational information is included on the label describing the sake brewing process.
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