RetroFuture is a set of books that celebrate the classic science fiction and fantasy stories that started as the foundation of the genre. The books have been published as far back as 1818, so the book covers must have a fresh and modern look. This set of books may have the stories everyone knows, but the book also highlights the authors, who were visionaries that saw future issues such as genetic engineering, colonization and powerful technology.

The design of the covers were tied together through using visual textures relating to each book’s story. In War of the Worlds, the reader sees the Martian viewpoint with the electronic red screen staring at its own footprint. The ridged and watery surface of the ocean floor covers the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Finally, the scratched and sketched impressions of a mad scientist are layered, all building up to the frightening monster Frankenstein. In part, the covers were created using aluminum foil, historic illustration, digital effects, and cut paper. The typeface Klavika connected the books in the headers and supporting text.
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