Idle & Saunter is a casual sandwich shop and cafe serving bocadillos, which are small sandwiches with meats, cheeses and crusty bread. A a popular snack found in Barcelona, Spain. Visitors to Barcelona enjoy this snack while relaxing on a patio or walking through the city. Idle & Saunter’s business plan replicates this experience with a casual, open patio and delicious bocadillos. Customers can stay, snack, and relax, or take one to-go. Located on the edge of downtown, Idle and Saunter is the community space between home and the office. 

Branding a local neighborhood bocadillo patio means bringing inspiration from Spain without the heavy-handed cliches of Spain. Idle & Saunter delivers a fun, fresh and modern tone. A warm yellow and gold color palette provides a bright attitude matching the warm bread. Hand drawn icons and illustration combined with the Gill Sans typeface support the friendly, personal voice. Casual black and white lines with a pop of golden yellow makes for an inviting and clean restaurant that serves a quick snack.
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