Inward magazine is a lifestyle publication for people self-identified
as introverts. The understanding of introverts has grown more
nuanced, resulting in a target market of people that are observant, have a rich and positive inner life, and posess a strong curiosity about the world. Research shows introverts recharge with solitude by
reflecting on their day or learning an interesting subject. This magazine is for introverts, not about them, embracing people who appreciate “participation at a distance”.

Designing a lifestyle magazine for people that identify as introverts means looking beyond traditional demographics and researching the heart and mind of introverted people. Introverts may seem shy and quiet, but they have a strong emotional range, making them intuitive and sensitive to others. The layout is designed to be calm, organized and filled with warm photography surrounded by clean white space. These readers enjoy feeling the story they are reading, inserting
themselves into the subject’s situation. Emotive typography and
effective use of color theory engage these readers by pulling them into the stories and personalities.

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