Fizzie cocktail mixer is a flavored, carbonated mixer in a refreshing mix of complementary flavors. The marketplace of cocktail mixers is saturated and requires strong differentiation. The consumer is educated, has an eye for style, and enjoys traveling for quick trips with friends. Research into destinations and eras reminiscent of this target audience was conducted. Seeking a lighthearted design theme, the product is targeted towards women gathering with friends. The beverage is ideal where a light and refreshing drink would enhance the experience. 

Many destinations and eras are known for social drinking, but a gap in the marketplace of cocktail mixers reveals there is an opportunity for a brand with a Mid-Century Modern color palette and design. This style is known for its organic shapes that reflect a classy look with tasteful wit. Among competing brands, the style’s unique color palette and shapes make the packaging pop out on the shelf. The script typeface reminiscent of the era and the cheeky design invites women to take a four-pack to book club, or enjoy a refreshing drink at brunch.  
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